221099 Sun XX, 4th Grade, Female

Translated by Nie Xu Min

When I was five or six years old, my family was very poor. My father worked every day to support our three sisters to attend school. My mother took care of us at home. One day, two years later, my father worked the night shift. A friend of my mother's came to our home and told my mother, "Hurry up! Bring along the children. Their father had an accident!" We quickly got on our electric scooter and rushed to the place. When we arrived, my father was already dead.

Later, since my mother couldn't support three children by herself, she left my two sisters at home and took me with her and walked for three or days to my grandmother’s house. She left me with my grandmother and went to work in the city. "I will come back!” she told me before she left. Three years have passed and she has never came back or even called me. I miss her so much!

My grandmother was sick and couldn't take care of me. She sent me to Zhen-Fu school. I was very happy there. How wonderful would it be if I can spend every day at school!