The Qualification to Attend Summer Camp

For Teenagers:

1.Teenagers have to be attending 9th grade or above when applying for the China Summer Camp, and 8th grade or above when applying for the Thailand Summer Camp. The GPA should be no less than 3.0. The application form should be accompanied with recent transcript and two letters of recommendation. This application requirement is waived for repeating teenagers teachers.

2. Teenager who is under the age of 18 need a parent or guardian to accompany throughout the entire summer camp.  

3. Please fill out the Application form.  

For Adults:

Adults applicants (including college students) do not need to submit application material.

For All Applicants(Financial Requirements):

1. A family of one or two people apply for summer camp is required to sponsor 4 high school students or make a donation of $1,200 per family. Each additional member of the family is required to sponsor 2 high school students or make additional donation of $600 per person.

2. Please send in refundable deposit of $350 per person.

3. Other than teenagers' guardians or parents, unauthorized person will not be permitted on the summer camp site.



1. 初次申請中國夏令營的青少年老師,申請時必須讀九年級或以上,申請泰國夏令營的青少年老師,申請時必須讀八年級或以上。GPA不低於3.0。請提交申請表、最近成績單和兩封推薦信。參加過夏令營的青少年老師再次申請時,無需提交任何資料。

2. 所有18歲以下的青少年老師,需要一位家長或监护人全程陪同。

3. 英文程度:



a. 就讀美國學校或外國語學校;

b. 托福成績不低於80分,或雅思成績不低於6分(且單項不低於4.5分)。

4. 請填寫申請表



1. 同一家庭參加夏令營人數為一人或兩人,需資助4位培志高中生上學,或捐款1200美金。每增加一位申請者,需多資助兩位培志高中生上學,或多捐款600美金。

2. 請支付夏令營訂金$350美金/人,該訂金將於夏令營集合之日退回。

3. 除青少年老師的監護人外,請勿帶不教課的陪同人員到夏令營。


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