Don't be Defeated by Poverty

Chen Yong


     My name is Chen Yong. I am a schoolboy. I was born into a poor family in 1986. There are five members in my family. They are my parents, my younger brother, my younger sister and I. In my heart, I feel that my parents are very brave and honest; it's lucky for me to have such parents.

     I had never worn shoes during my days in primary school. I had fried corns for breakfast, but I never had lunches because my home is far from my school. Winter was coming; I was thinly clad and I felt a little cold. One day I went to school wearing a pair of old shoes which my father had worn for four years. On my way to school, cold water was flowing into my old shoes continuously. Some of my classmates laughed at me when I entered the classroom. It made me feel ashamed, and then I began to cry. It was five o'clock in the afternoon. It was raining heavily. All my classmates went home except me. I was a bit cold and I felt afraid. As it was getting dark, I began to hate my parents because they didn't bring an umbrella for me. I went home in spite of the rain. I saw two people working hard near our village. It was just about dark and still raining. Who are they? Why are they working so hard? I asked myself. I got closer and looked at them carefully. Oh, my God! They were my parents. They also saw me. I knew then why they hadn't brought the umbrella for me.

      From then on, I began to study hard. I am a poor boy, but I don't worry about it any more. I don't feel ashamed of my old shoes. In order to improve my family's condition, I should study hard. In middle school, I was studying so hard that I forgot to go for suppers. Sometimes I suffered from hunger because I couldn't afford my meals. I worked even harder to forget my hunger. That was my school life. Though I was born into a poor family, I like reading very much. I decided to make books my friends.

      When I am going through a difficult time, they are always my good friends that make me happy. I gain courage by reading. I will never feel afraid or lonely.

      There, I just want to tell those who were born into poor families, don't be defeated by poverty.