The Dance of Appreciation

By Helgo Yen

Translated by Mryna Chen


Everyone in this world has the privilege to love and be loved, but not every one understands how to appreciate. Only to spread love to every nook and cranny and beyond the narrow boundary and space, will you then posses an all-encompassing heart of appreciation.


Appreciation is kind of beauty, a virtue, and a love of mankind. Appreciation allows men to have a purified heart and beauty. If one often appreciates, one will be able to give more help to others and always be happy. To always remember to appreciate, will also allow one to be less critical and to have more admiration towards other people and environment. We all understand that life depends on all our body parts to co-exist, and co-dependent. Whether it is our parentsí» nurturing, teacherí»s teachings, spousal love and affections, and/or natureí»s endowment, all are an integral part of our well being and therefore deserve our appreciation.


Let appreciation come into our hearts! Appreciation can dissolve the hared and anger embedded in our heart. Appreciation can cleanse the dirt of the world. Appreciation also is a song, a philosophy, and a great wisdom. Only when we understand appreciation, and learn to appreciate, would we have the boundless happiness and bliss.


Love! Let the world be more beautiful! We should appreciate love, our relatives, our love ones, and our friends. Even the concern of a passerby gives us comfort when unfortunate, warms our hearts when lonely, gives courage when discouraged, and we gain courage when hesitated.


Peopleí»s love and concern make us see the beauty of nature, of life, and enable us to keep our good health and a good attitude towards life.


To go through the worse of the bitter worse is to become the best of the best. This is an old Chinese saying. We should appreciate the challenge of hardship. Hardship is a necessary path in our lives journey, a cane to climb upward with, and a stepping-stone to success. It molds our character, strengthen our courage, extract our inner courage, and stimulate our motivation and ambition to excel. Our lives will be more fulfilled, and more worthy.


Appreciation is an everlasting beauty. A person of good conscious and feelings, and wisdom, rich or poor, willing to get help or not, should always have appreciation in us. To appreciate is to love.


It is a dance of appreciation!