A thank-you letter to Aunt Zhai – by 17306 Fu Chao Lin

Translated by Nie Xu Min  

Dear Aunt Zhai,

How are you!

I was born in a poor family in LeYe Town, Huize County. With the support and help of you and Peach, I got my wish and was admitted by Yunnan Minzu University, majoring in Finance. I want to say to you, Thank you!

Growing up for me was very difficult. My father died when I was less than one year old. The word "Dad" was foreign to me. Because our family was poor, my brother lost the opportunity to go to school, and I constantly faced the possibility of dropping out of school. Sometimes, when I looked at the mountains around me, I felt hopeless and thought to myself, maybe I was destined to stay here all my life! My hope was rekindled when I met Aunt Zhai and joined Peach.

My dear aunt, your love has given me hope, courage and strength. I used to have very low self-esteem. I once placed last in an exam. I was punished and ridiculed by my classmates because I couldn't answer the teacher's questions in class. But I have persevered, because I have my mother’s love and your care and encouragement. My difficulties in learning are so trivial comparing to how hard my mother had to work. So many people have cared and supported me, I just could not give up.

Peach summer camp transformed me from a shy and inferior child to a sunny and confident boy. I'm very excited about college life! In the future, there will be many employment opportunities in banking, investment, insurance companies, etc., but I also want to take another major and get a teacher qualification certificate. These will provide more choices for me in the future.

Dear aunt, please rest assured that I can take good care of myself in college and will not slack off in my study. Thank you for your constant company. I will always remember your kindness.