A thank-you letter to Aunt Zhou – by 18011 Li Fu Ying

Translated by Nie Xu Min  

Dear Aunt Zhou,

How are you!

I'm Li Fuying, a minority girl from HongHe, Yunnan. This year, I was admitted to the history department of Yunnan Qujing Normal University.

Aunt Zhou, your kindness has warmed the hearts of me and my family. You don't know me, but you have selflessly helped me, I'm so very grateful! My home town is in YuanYang County, HongHe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, a place where two locations ten miles apart can have different weather. The village is tiny. There are only about 80 families in the village, all living by a small river. My family is the poorest in the village. My grandmother lives with us. My father works hard every day to barely make a living. When I graduated from middle school, most of the children in the village dropped out of school, especially girls. But my father insisted that I go to school, no matter how poor the family was. How lucky I am! With the support of my family and your generous help, I could continue to go to high school and college.

After joining Peach, I was fortunate to participate in the summer camp. Teachers were from all over the world, some of whom were foreigners. This make me realize how vast the world is. A few of the children in the camp went to the same high school with me. Now, I'm in college! I am finally out of the mountain.

Aunt Zhou, I will always remember your kindness. Thank you! You have provided great help to me, a frontier girl in the mountain. You have planted the seed of love in my heart. In the future, I hope to contribute my love to this society just like you have done.