A thank-you letter to Auntie Jin – by 18628 Li Yang Ming

Translated by Wing Wong  

Dear Auntie Jin,

Hope you are doing well!

I am Li Yang Ming from Nu Jiang. Want to share a piece of good news with you! I am accepted by ZiBo Vocational Institute in Nursing.

Looking back to 2017, our family lost the only source of income from my father when he passed away in an accident. I wanted to quit school. Mother disagreed. I was lucky to receive financial assistance from Peach Foundation since.

Your help came like a sudden welcomed arrival of warm sunshine in the midst of winter melting hardened hearts, renewing my zest for life and helping me to see the goodness around me. During Peach’s summer camp, I met young people with similar family background like mine. They have deeply encouraged me with their optimism despite their misfortunes in life. I suddenly realized not to give up by any setbacks, not to let down our family’s expectations on what I can accomplish, or to let go Peach Foundation’s commitment, believing in me with their passionate help that we will make it.

I was honored that you were the English teacher in Class 30 during summer camp. It has meant a lot for me in the short ten extraordinary days getting to know you. You have helped me materially and psychologically.

You gave me the English name ‘Frank’ and encouraged me to live honestly. I have taken it to heart. At the end of summer camp, I became sick and you were worried about me. I was too shy to say ‘thank you’ to you then. Now, I want to say ‘Thank you’ in this letter.

Now that my elder brother has graduated from college and is financially independent to take care of himself but short of being able to take care of the family. My grandma is deaf and mute, and is deteriorating in health. My mom is the sole financial pillar for the family tirelessly working year-round. I want to earn my college degree, receive my certificate in the medical field, and possibly earn my master’s degree so that I can return to Nu Jiang to work after graduation to take care of my family.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for you; thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend college, and a chance to change my fate in life.