A thank-you letter to Aunt Huang – by 181486 Pu Xuan Cun

Translated by Nie Xu Min  

Dear Aunt Huang,

I hope this letter finds you well!

I'm the shy Pu Xuancun. I miss you dearly and am happy to write you such a special letter.

I met you in the summer of 2018. It has been three years. With the help of you and Peach. I successfully graduated from DongLu High School in Huize County. With a total score of 602, I was admitted to Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in Hubei Province. I have realized my cherry blossom dream.

I am mountain's kid and my family is very poor. When I was in high school, my two brothers went to college, and my family was under great financial pressure. Every time the school tuition was due, I was too afraid to ask my parents. I often cried silently on my way to school. This was when I was fortunate to meet Peach! The support you gave me every semester has greatly reduced the pressure on my family. I could concentrate on my study. I'm so grateful!

In 2018, I met you and Mr. He at the summer camp. Your words were so gentle, like a beam of sunshine warming my heart. Mr. He is so extraordinary! When I learned that Mr. He was studying abroad, I was impressed and inspired. Mr. He became my role model. I was full of curiosity about the outside world and dreamed of studying abroad one day. I kept reminding myself, I must always work hard.

I understand that my starting point may be lower than others. I have nowhere to go back and must go forward. I cannot afford to be lazy. Aunt Huang, you and Peach gave me the confidence to face challenges in life. Thank you! I look forward to the day when we meet again. I will be brave and make you proud.