A thank-you letter to Uncle Wu – by 161010 Yang Xin Ruo

Translated by Wing Wong  

Dear Uncle Wu,

Hope you are doing well.

I am Yang Xin Ruo, a recipient of your financial support. I was orphaned since I was young, and have been cared for by my uncle’s family. I want to share with you the good news that I have been accepted and will be attending this September, Yunan College of Finance and Economics. This is only possible with your generous financial support. Together with Peach Foundation, your kindness has been a treasured companion throughout my helpless days. Your encouragement has guided me to move forward steadfastly with certainty and clarity.

Although we have never met nor do we know each other, you have chosen to help me from afar. I feel lucky whenever this thought crosses my mind. I signed up with Peach Foundation in 7th grade not knowing what it was, but trusted that it was exceptional. I received mittens and warm socks every winter, timely financial assistance for tuition and letter from Peach… all make me feel I am somebody who matters to someone else. I am blessed.

During the same academic year, I made the first field trip to the city meeting and sharing with many of my peers. It was a precious and memorable experience. Peach had given me a family filled with hope and self-confidence. Peach reminds me of its motto: “It will never give up on me when I don’t give up on myself.” I will persevere.

I was so excited when I first learned of your financial support! I often wondered who you were, how you looked like? You must be kind and friendly, and I hope to meet you one day to say ‘Thank You for helping and supporting me, letting me to believe that there is love in this world.

Lastly, to summarize my thousand thoughts I want to say in one sentence: Thank you again! I am very grateful for having you in my life!