Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of PEACH Foundation!

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Sponsored Students Vedio Narration 

07373 Wen Shi Li Orphan
5th Grade, XiaoXinJie Elementary School, YuanYang County, YunNan Province

My name is Wen Shi Li and I am 11 years-old this year. I have been sponsored by PEACH for four years now, and am extremely grateful towards everything that PEACH has done for me. Right now I am in fifth grade and will be in sixth grade next year. My sister is in eighth grade and will be in ninth grade next year. PEACH helped me re-enroll in school. When I first joined PEACH, I was very young. My father had just died of electric shock and my mother had just remarried. At that time I was only nine months old! I want to go to college so that in the future I could help other PEACH students stay in school.

11080 Li Hong Mei Raised in single-parent home
10th Grade, YuLong No.1 High School, YuLong County, YunNan Province

My name is Li Hong Mei. I joined PEACH in 2010. Even though I haven’t been in the PEACH Foundation for very long, I have many feelings towards it. I was raised in a single-parent home. I lived with my grandfather and grandmother since I was younger. After my grandmother passed away, life became increasingly difficult. I worked extremely hard in school and thanks to PEACH Foundation sponsoring me, it became possible for me to finish middle school and successfully enter high school. I will continue to work hard in school to repay PEACH for its kindness towards me.

07404 CaoZhengHai Raised in single-parent home

6th Grade, GaNiang Elementary School, YuanYang County, YunNan Province

My name is CaoZhengHai, and I am 14 years-old this year and will be starting seventh grade. I am extremely grateful towards PEACH’s support. It helped me to raise my grades.

05016 Zhu Mei
Sophomore, Department of Computer Science, Yunnan Normal University

My name is Zhu Mei and I attend Yunnan Normal University. I joined PEACH in 2005. Without PEACH’s help, I would not be able to attend college. Thank you, PEACH!

10071 Yang Chuan Xiu
Yunnan Economics Trade & Foreign Affairs College (Second Year)

My name is Yang Chuan Xiu and I am from LongPan village, YuLong, Li-Jiang. I was fortunate enough to join PEACH in 2009 and am now enrolled in Yunnan Economics Trade & Foreign Affairs College. PEACH and all of the Uncles’ and Aunties’ support allowed me to continue to roam through the ocean of knowledge. My little sister will start middle school in September and our living conditions at home have also definitely improved. I may not have done my best in school in previous years, but I believe that I will definitely do better in the future.

09215 Chen Zheng Hui
12th Grade, YanYuan Minority High School, YanYuan County,
SiChuan Province

Hello everyone, my name is Chen Zheng Hui and I am from YanYuan, SiChuan Province. Without PEACH, I don’t dare to think about how long I would have continued to hesitate. Without PEACH, I don’t dare to think about what my life would be like now. Three years ago, the Uncles and Aunties of PEACH led me to another life. They pulled me out of my rut after I dropped out of school, and used “a warm sunshine to lead me home and gave me wings to fly.”

07326 Yang Shui Xian
Sophomore, Yunnan Agriculture University Liberal Arts Division

My name is Yang Shui Xian and I am currently attending Yunnan Agricultural University. I joined PEACH in 2007. Without PEACH’s support, I would not even have been able to attend high school.

06090 Chen Ming Ding
Junior, Bao Shan College, YunNan Province

My name is Chen Ming Ding and I am currently attending Bao Shan University. I joined PEACH in 2006. Without its support, I don’t know where I would be today. I am very grateful for PEACH’s help.

06110 Wang Guo Cui
Sophomore, Yunnan Business Management College

My name is Wang Guo Cui and I am currently attending Yunnan Business Management University. I joined PEACH in 2006. At that time, my room teacher came to talk to me about PEACH because my brothers and sisters were in school as well, which added to our family’s financial burden. Having said this, I am very grateful towards PEACH for allowing me to stay in school.

07193 He Ji Juan Raised in single-parent home
Sophomore, ChuXiong Normal University, YunNan Province

My name is He Ji Juan and I am currently attending ChuXiong Normal University. I joined PEACH in 2007. Joining PEACH was my luck and I am extremely grateful for everything that PEACH has done for me. Without PEACH, I would not be here today. Thank you.

06104 Chen Ming Wei
Freshman, Southwest Forestry University, YunNan Province

My name is Chen Ming Wei and I am from YuanYang County. I joined PEACH in 2006 and have been with PEACH for six years. I am now enrolled in the Machinery and Traffic Division of Southwest Forestry University. Without PEACH, I would not be where I am today because my family is very poor. With PEACH’s support, I have finished my schooling and have been able to pay for my tuition.

04153 Ji Han Biao
Junior, Yunnan University of Nationalities

My name is Ji Han Biao and I am from YangBi, DaLi. PEACH has been sponsoring me since I was in seventh grade. Now, under PEACH’s continued support, I have made it to college. When I was a sophomore in high school, it did occur to me to drop out of school, but under PEACH’s guidance, I persevered and made it to college. I feel like I have changed a lot and have also gained a lot. Thank you so much, PEACH, for helping me.

06164 Long Cheng Hong
Junior, Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical Institute

My name is Long Cheng Hong and I joined PEACH when I was in ninth grade. PEACH’s support for me has always been the power pushing me to successfully enter college and to become the only person in my village to ever attend college.

05119 Wang Zhi Yi
Sophomore, Yunnan Normal University

My name is Wang Zhi Yi and I joined PEACH in 2005. At that time I was only in seventh grade and didn’t know anything. I had never been past ten miles outside of my house. When PEACH approached me and invited me to attend the English summer camp, I had a lot of mixed feelings. Now, I have been accepted into a top-tiered university and am the first person in my village to attend college. When I received the acceptance letter, I felt both proud and sad. Proud, because I have become the first person in my village to attend college, due to PEACH’s support. Sad, because even though we are in the 21st century, I am still the only person in my village to attend college. It makes me sad to realize how underdeveloped my village’s educational system is. PEACH not only gave me financial support, but its love has offered me great encouragement. This love has always supported me and pushed me to work hard in school, made me unafraid of challenges, and helped me to overcome all obstacles.

04238 Zheng Wen Li, Graduated from college in 2009 Shanghai LiangJian Biotechnology Company Store Manager

Hello everyone, my name is Zheng Wen Li. I am now located at the Oriental Pearl Tv Tower. I joined PEACH in 2004 and under their support, successfully completed high school and was accepted into NanChang University in JiangXi Province. I came to Shanghai in December of 2008 and have worked at Shanghai LiangJian Biotechnology Company for almost three years now. Thank you, PEACH, for helping us and I hope that the ten year anniversary celebration will be extremely successful. I hope that all of PEACH’s Uncles and Aunties will come to visit us in Shanghai and more PEACH students will establish their own families and businesses in Shanghai. Thank you.

03069 Zhang Zheng Kang, Graduated from college in 2010
Work in China Southwest Architectural Survey and Design Co. Ltd.

Hello, dear Uncles and Aunties and all PEACH students, I am now walking at Oriental Pearl Tv Tower. My name is Zhang Zheng Kang and I joined PEACH in 2003. Under PEACH’s support, I successfully finished my schooling. I came to Shanghai in July of 2010 and have worked here for almost a year now. During this time I have been very fortunate to have seen Auntie Ruth, Teacher Li Zhou and other uncles and aunties from PEACH. We successfully coordinated a meeting for all the PEACH students in Shanghai. I hope the ten-year anniversary celebration will be successful and that I will see more uncles and aunties from PEACH and other PEACH students in Shanghai soon. If you ever come to Shanghai, please contact me or Zheng Wen Li.

02001 Hong Yan Hua (Tina Hong), Graduated from college in 2009
PEACH Foundation Staff
Hello, everyone, I am PEACH Foundation’s very first student, Tina. My home is in ErYuan, Dali. I joined PEACH when I was in ninth grade. At that time, my family was very poor. We didn’t have any money to buy clothes or shoes, and there were three girls to put through school: my two older sisters and me. We had to pay thousands of RMB in tuition, which my family couldn’t afford. PEACH found me then, and I became a PEACH student. Other than giving me 800 yuan in scholarship money, PEACH also gave me my first gift in winter, an invitation to attend the summer camp. I graduated from high school, and with my sponsor’s encouragement, entered college. After I graduated from college, I came to work for PEACH. Ever since I started working at PEACH, I have been working out my flaws such as my naive from my school days, my inexperience, and inability to articulate myself. I have been slowly improving in my work skills as well as other life skills. Thank you, PEACH. PEACH has been helping me in all areas of my life, from school to work. I am extremely grateful.

02056 Su Chao Gui (Gary Su), Graduated from college in 2007 PEACH Foundation Staff
Hello uncles and aunties, my name is Gary Su. I became a PEACH student in 2002 and graduated from YuanYang No.1 high school in 2003, entering Yunnan University. With financial support from PEACH, I was able to graduate from college. After college, I started to work at PEACH’s office in Kunming. It has been four years now. I am very happy to be able to work for PEACH so I won’t have to be like my ancestors before me: facing the earth, back to the sun, rising when the sun rises, only resting when the sun sets. Thank you, PEACH, for all of your help.

02158 He Chao Ming (Joe He), Graduated from college in 2008
PEACH Foundation Staff

My name is He Chao Ming and I joined PEACH in 2002. After I graduated from Kunming University of Science and Technology in 2008, I came to work for PEACH. In 2002 I was in tenth grade. At that time, my tuition was 400 yuan, the cost of all my books was 120 yuan, and miscellaneous fees were 80 yuan. I had20 yuan to spend every week. I was constantly worrying about the day that my family wouldn’t be able to pay for my tuition or the day that I wouldn’t even be able to borrow 20 yuan which would mean I couldn’t go to school. Thankfully, PEACH found me then. PEACH gave me 800 yuan scholarship every semester and after paying the 600 yuan tuition, I still had 200 yuan to spend on daily expenses. It’s scary to think of it now. My parents and I never would have thought that I would eventually study and work in a big city such as Kunming, or that I would work for PEACH after I graduated.

03073 Li Xiao Mei (May Li), Graduated from college in 2010
PEACH Foundation Staff
My name is Li Xiao Mei and I work at PEACH Foundation. I joined PEACH in 2003, when I was in ninth grade. Because my family was poor and I was a girl, my parents had long decided that I would quit school after I graduated from middle school so I could help out at home. During this helpless time, PEACH appeared in my life. PEACH was just like a buoy that suddenly appeared in the middle of the ocean. The buoy that PEACH offered me was the scholarship when I was on the verge of quitting school. I am so luck to be a PEACH student. From having low self-esteem and many worries, I became a smiling, confident and strong person. With PEACH by my side, I am very happy and I believe that PEACH will only become more successful.

Xiong Guang Mei (Sonia Xiong)
PEACH Foundation Staff

Hello everyone, my name is Sonia and I am one of PEACH’s staff members. I have personally seen PEACH walk through these ten years. I have seen PEACH start out with helping one child to now sponsoring around 3,000 children. Helping other people makes me happy as well. I am very grateful to be working for PEACH and am willing to help out in any way that I can. Happy ten year anniversary, PEACH Foundation!

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