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Who We Are

Peach Education

Dr. Chyi-Tong Lee, Advisory Board


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley.

Work Experience:

President in transit of National Tsing-Hua National University
President of Jing-Yi University
President of Ji-Nan University
Current Professor at Ji-Nan University.

A five-time Outstanding National Science Award-winner, Dr. Lee has received many academic achievement awards and has been serving the underprivileged since he was in college. He is a hands-on humanitarian who visits School for the Blind in Tai-Zhong and the St. Teresa Children's Center in Xin-Chu De-Lan Orphanage once a week to tutor children. Dr. Lee is a renowned writer as well. He has issued several popular publications including Let the Wall Come Down, The Strangers, and The Curtain Never Falls.

Dr. Tah Zen Yuan, Advisory Board

Education: Mathematics, National Taiwan University
Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Notre Dame
MBA. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
MS (CSCE), Stanford University

Work Experience:
Staff at Stanford University
High-Tech Investment Consultant

Hobby: Chinese calligraphy.

Ruth Jeng, Chairperson of Board, Founder

B.A. in English Literature , Fu Jen Catholic University
MBA, Golden Gate University

Work Experience and Biography:
Ms. Jeng has worked at various Fortune 500 companies before starting her own real estate investment company in the early 90's. Her business included apartments and hotel resorts.

She retired in 1998 to devote herself fully on projects that improved children?s education in disadvantaged regions of China and Southeast Asia. Ms. Jeng is also a volunteer at the Bay Area Suicide Prevention Center.

Anli Chao, Board, Chair of the Taiwan Chapter, Peach Education Association

Work Experience and Biography:
Ms. Chao was a consultant of the Technical Support Department at China Trust Commercial Bank in Taiwan. She has also consulted for Soft Tech Inc.

As an active community member, Ms. Chao was a volunteer for the Civil Affairs Department in the Hsinchu Municipal Office, and she also served as President of the Parent Association in the Bilingual Department of the National Experimental High School, Hsinchu Science Park.

Ms. Chao currently volunteers at the Hsinchu Red Collar Stray Animal Association.

Linda Lim, Board

BS in Chemistry, San Jose State University

Clara Yu, Board

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Master of Science in Nursing.
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Work Experience and Biography:
Currently working as a cardiovascular nurse practitioner at Chester County Hospital.
Registered nurse at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania from 2017-2021.
Ms. Yu has been a volunteer at Peach Foundation since age 13.

Emily Mann, Board

B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior, UC Irvine
M.A. in Counseling Psychology; Marriage and Family Therapy, University of San Francisco

Work Experience:
Bilingual Staff Therapist at Felton Institute
Intensive Case Manager at Community Housing Partnership

Emily has been volunteering with Peach Foundation since 12 years old, visiting Yunnan Province twice a year to attend the summer camp and Fall home visit tour. Emily is a strong advocate for vulnerable populations and believes in empowering people through education and mental health services. She has been working as a mental health therapist since 2015 and has experience working with teenagers and young adults with mental illness, incarcerated adults, and homeless population.


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