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Event Calendar 2010

12/5/2010 ? PEACH held an event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City. Photos, video and stories from our summer camps and home visits were displayed and shared.

10/27-11/7/2010 ? President Ruth Jeng took seven staff members to inspect projects in LuChun, YuLong, and NinLang counties in Yunnan Province. 140 PEACH kids? homes were visited.

10/24-10/30/10 ? Twelve volunteers visited four villages in YuanYang county, Yunnan Province. Twelve PEACH kids' families were visited.

10/16/2010 ? President Ruth Jeng and six staff members participated in the Double-Nine Elderly Fair organized by PEACH sponsor Ms. Belle Chou in JiangSu. More Details?

10/3/2010 ? Anli Chao, Chair of the Taiwan chapter, introduced the PEACH Foundation at an alumni reunion of the National Taiwan Ocean University in Taipei.

7/6-8/6/2010 ? PEACH sponsored three summer camps in Yunnan Province. 58 volunteer teachers and 700 children participated. Summer camp at Jia Zi Elementary School was also successful, with 25 Peach college students teaching.

6/19/2010 ? PEACH attended the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America event held in Santa Clara, CA.

4/15/2010 ? PEACH attended the "China Women's Federation/Multinational Women's Conference" held by Cupertino Mayor, Mrs. Kris Wang.

4/2/2010 ? Peggy Liou, Marketing Director, introduced the PEACH Foundation at the Rotary Club in Los Angeles.

3/21/2010 ? An auction of PEACH's children's paintings at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City was held. More Details?

1/22 & 1/31/2010 ? The PEACH Education Association participated in an event held by the R.O.C. HuaXia Public Welfare Association to convey new year greetings to thirteen underprivileged families from BeiTou Elementary School and HuLu Elementary School in ShiLin, Taipei.

2/6/2010 ? Peggy Liou, Marketing Director, introduced the PEACH Foundation at New Year Celebrations at Berkeley.

2/6/2010 ? PEACH held a fundraising event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City from 5pm to 7pm.


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