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Event Calendar 2003


12/30/2003 ? Union Newspaper interviewed PEACH Foundation President Ruth Jeng.

12/14/2003 ? PEACH leaders gave a speech about the goals of the PEACH Foundation at the Providence University Alumni Reunion.

10/26/2003 ? PEACH presented information at Du Bih-tau's Dance Performance.

09/13/2003 ? Anli Chao and five volunteers took a three-week trip to inspect the progress of projects in Sichuan and Yunnan.

08/16/2003 ? PEACH presented information at the Yao Yung Dance Performance.

08/10/2003 ? PEACH members and their families had a picnic in Foster City to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The PEACH Foundation.

07/19/2003 ? PEACH presented information at soprano Lin Yen-yun's recital.

06/28/2003 ? PEACH presented information at Fay Young Dance Studio's annual performance

05/31/2003 ? PEACH presented information at the Democratic Education Foundation.

05/17/2003 ? PEACH presented information at the National Chengchi University Alumni Reunion

04/06/2003 ? Anli Chao and ten volunteers traveled to Yunnan for an inspection trip.

03/29/2003 ? Ruth Jeng promoted the enterprise-sponsored scholarship project during a speech in Shanghai.

02/22/2003 ? The annual meeting of PEACH Foundation members was held.

02/08/2003 ? PEACH presented information at the San Jose Performing Arts Center.

02/02/2003 ? PEACH presented information at Fay Young Dance Studio's annual performance at the Palace of Fine Arts.

01/04/2003 ? PEACH presented information at a Northern California Colleges and Universities Alumni event.


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