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DONG GUAN SUREFIELD LTD Employee Reflections

DONG GUAN SUREFIELD LTD Employee Reflections

DONG GUAN SUREFIELD LTD Employee Reflections


Where Happiness Is

Mr. Jinji Peng

I was born in the forties, and I remember when my parents and grandparents struggled to raise me and my six siblings. I have deeply experienced the taste of poverty.

It has been five years since I was introduced to Peach Foundation and became a joyful volunteer. During my first home visit, I was shocked by the living conditions in the mountains. The experience brought me back to my childhood, and also made me determined to join Peach?s volunteers in order to participate and help.

When I saw the tattered houses and school buildings, and saw in the children?s eyes their desires to learn, I was deeply moved and my heart felt like billowing sea waves. I couldn?t help to ask myself: What can I do for these children? When my students returned my efforts with good grades and warm smiles, I realized that here is where happiness is. All of my hard work was worth it. Therefore, I will continue to help them, and continue to be joyful.


Reflections on Peach Foundation

Employee at Dong Guan Surefield Ltd.

My impression of Taiwanese has changed as I came to know Mr. Peng and came to understand many principles in life. As an old man, he is not only genial and humble towards others but also sincere in his effort to help those in need. I was introduced to Peach Foundation from the photos and letter that he bought back, and I came to realize how he continuously helped the young and the old.

Although Mr. Peng is well off, he is very thrifty. When his suitcase brakes, he tries to mend it. When he buys clothes, he always chooses the cheapest and most suitable. Occasionally, when we ask him to treat us dinner, he always prepares the food himself because restaurants aren?t clean enough. I was touched by his conduct. Gradually, I also started donating clothes and food along with my colleagues in the company. I have found happiness in helping others.

Speaking for all Chinese as a big family, I thank those who have made the futures of unfortunate children brighter.


Reflections on Peach Foundation

Employee at Dong Guan Surefield Ltd.

From the photos of the house visits in 2011, I walked into the lives of Peach?s students. I saw the hardships faced by many families. I saw houses with only three walls, primitive stoves, vacillating staircases and leaking roof tops? These hardships made my colleagues and me forget all the stress at work. Back at the office, we gathered and donated clothes. From sorting, packaging, to marking and counting, the process taught us the value of giving back to society. The hardships and frustrations we face are incomparable to those faced by the children. We are thankful to Peach Foundation and honored to help these children.


Thanks to You

Employee at Dong Guan Surefield Ltd.

Tattered school yards, cold and shivering hands and barely usable tables and blackboards, all cannot hinder the sounds of reading coming from the diligent students. The sounds of innocence echo under the blue sky?

Outside the classrooms, students still earnestly practice writing on the ground. Using the dirt as paper and rocks and twigs as pencils, they practice over and over, and when there?s no more room, with simply one swipe, they start again with a blank sheet of ?paper?.

Volunteers rush to the villages before sunrise where they supply necessities and help the locals. They never ask for anything in return. But they are nevertheless the most joyful people and also the most admirable.

For ten years, Peach volunteers, persistent, collaborative and altruistic, quietly sent warmth to those in need, and made the lonely ones no longer lonely. Although we are separated by thousands of miles, our hearts are connected the hands of the children.

I would like to say, with joy and appreciation: Thank you, Peach volunteers. It?s great to have you. Because of you and your love, all who share the same earth and sky are brought together.


Ten Year Reflection

Ms. Wenli Zhang

As Peach celebrates its tenth year anniversary, I exclaim how fast time has gone by. Through letters and various sources, I have learnt that among the students, some have entered college and some have begun working. Their achievements make every Peach volunteer proud.

As a member of Dong Guan Surefield Ltd., I would like to say that it has been an honor to collaborate with Peach volunteers and learn from Peach?s elders. They taught me the value of spreading kindness to others, and I hope that all of the children and adults who received help will join us to make a bigger difference and help even more people.


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