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PEACH Kids Magazine, a semiannual publication printed in the spring and fall, is dedicated to our children. It has a number of goals:

1. To provide an oasis for children to share their experience and concerns.

2. To introduce them to other children with similar backgrounds, so that they can develop new friendships and learn from each other.

3. To stay in touch with all PEACH children even after they have graduated and have moved on to the edges of the world. As long as we have a current address, we shall continue sending them the newsletter to keep them in touch with PEACH, and help them feel that they will always be a member of the PEACH family.

4. Most importantly, our goal is to assure that, in the coming years, there will continue to be torchbearers of the PEACH Foundation mission amid them. As we aunts and uncles age gracefully, we hope to see the mission of PEACH carried on by those who have benefited from participation in the program.

We here present a couple of articles from each issue for your enjoyment. We apologize that we can't find people to translate the entire issue which contains more than 20 articles.

PEACH Foundation 15th Anniversay Articles

Peacher Vol.17

Peacher Vol.16

Peacher Vol.15

Peacher Vol.14

Peacher Vol.13

Peacher Vol.12

Peacher Vol.11

Peacher Vol.10

Peacher Vol.9

Peacher Vol.8

Peacher Vol.7

Peacher Vol.6

Peacher Vol.5

Peacher Vol.4

Peacher Vol.3

Peacher Vol.2

Peacher Vol.1


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