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Letter from Mr. Wang, a teacher in the SiChuan Province

From Mr. Wang, a teacher in Sichuan Province.

Dear Ms Jeng,

Greetings! It?s been a while since we have corresponded; the last time we wrote, you let me bore you with our seasonal climate. Since then, I have been procrastinating, and please accept my apology.

SiChuan Province is a basin where salt is derived from the southwest region. Its weather has always been agreeable; yet, maybe it?s the nonchalance attitudes of men to ecology, the weather has been worsening in recent years. The past few months saw extensive drought, and these days it is pouring non-stop. Flooding occurs in some regions, fortunately, there are no fatalities. Unfortunately, the victims are predominately peasants. In SiChuan , spring arrives at about March to May, June to August is summer, September to November sees the autumn, and December to February, the winter.

In general, autumn is the most wonderful time of the year?there isn?t much rain, and the climate is neither too hot nor too cold?truly agreeable. Therefor, I recommend you to visit us at that time.

?Little Bear? from Kunming has sent me Mr. Li Jiatong?s article ?the end of the world,? which quite moved me. Having studied physical science, I was impressed by his writings on the infinite universe, the birth and demise of planets, and the insignificantly brief existence of human beings. He put them all into perspectives; yet, what truly touched me were his optimistic views towards life.

We all realize that our lives may end one day; from the day we were born, we are pacing closer to death day by day. Still, we would not give up feeling wonderful living life, nor would we give up the enjoyment in life.

There maybe some who do not feel that life is short and spend their lives aimlessly. When the final day arrives, only then will they regret for opportunities lost. Ms. Jeng, do you remember when we visited student Shabin, we witnessed the destitute situation he?s in. Nevertheless, we also noticed that in his vase laid the once freshly cut flowers now dried and lifeless. He was trying to live life at its fullness.

Many a child has faced calamities growing up. However, if one questions him or her, he or she will answer enthusiastically about life. They feel content regardless of where and how they live; they feel that the biggest gift in life is the life itself. Similarly, many grateful souls live their lives sensibly.

As they are growing up struggling, along come philanthropists like you, what a fortunate turn of event! The children have been singing a song ?Mama,? with the following lyrics: ?Oh Mama, there?s only one wish left, Mama. I truly don?t want to let you down, Mama, for my dream is too afar! Oh Mama, forever beautiful and kind Mama, in my heart you are the forever burning torch, in the dark of the night I won?t be lost??

To be able to live life sensibly and to carry out one?s aspiration is a triumph in life?that is how I feel.

We have received your letters but have not read them yet, because last week we were at other schools participating on the high school examination events. You must have been waiting? Headmaster Tang has composed a letter in which a hillside schools headmaster expresses the gratitude towards the PEACH Foundation for their supports to the children. He said he would send you the letter after further deliberation.

Moreover, our semester ends at mid-July; students will be leaving on about July 8th. New semester begins at late August. However, since I am in charge of the sophomores who may require tutoring, it is quite possible that I will be at school in early August. If I am needed please let Little Bear forward the message to me. She has been a tremendous help, and I regard her dearly. She has been tediously making phone calls on behaves of the children that worries me; after all, long distance phone calls can add up. Therefore, I am trying to contact you and Little Bear with emails.

Recently there is plenty of rain, and the problem with electricity has been solved essentially. Please do not worry about our daily lives.

I told the children the content of your letter, which delighted them very much. They say you have to be a wife, a mother, and a provider for all those children; you have to be very busy. Therefore, they understand you and very fond of you; they wish to hear your voice soon. They wish to own a photo of your daughter, and they plan to correspond with her, etc.

It is getting busier as the school approaches the end of the semester; many examinations have to be corrected. I believe, however, there is more work to be done in PEACH Foundation. I extend our gratitude on behalf of the children for your labor!

Best wishes,



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