17013 Pu XX, 8th Grade, Male

Translated by Sara Qiu

I was born in a happy and warm home. But in second grade, my mother died and left forever. At that moment I was very little, and my father persuaded me like this: “Your mum went to work, these days dad has also things to do, I can’t go back home, stay at your uncle’s house for a few days.” I said: “Okay.” In that moment I was very curious, mum and dad usually went to work together, how is that this time mum went alone?

At night, I said I was going to the bathroom but secretly went home to see if dad and mum left already. But what I saw was very different from what I imagined. I saw mum with the eyes closed and being lifted by many people, in my inside I understood what was going on. I stayed in the same place, stunned, no crying or making any trouble, with no expression at all in my face, but my eyes were already filled with tears. I cried out loud: “Mum, mum…”, however, mum did not look at me.

After my mum left, the economic situation at home was supported and depended on father’s insufficient salary. Dad used up everything for my old brother to finish 9th grade. One night, my older brother said to my father: “Dad, I decided not to study, I want to go to work and earn money and let little brother study well”. Father said loudly: “No, you can’t not study” and my older brother replied “I just want to help you reduce a little the burden, let little brother study at ease and not let him worry about not having money at home. Let’s together, father and son, support this home together, is that okay?” Under the firm persuasion of my brother, dad sighted and said: “I am powerless”, just accepting the requirements of my brother.

My brother already worked for more than 3 years, but didn’t come back once. Dad said he was missing, he run back and forth every day to find my brother. I thought: how nice would be that my brother appeared immediately in front of us! Dad everyday looked for him, event until death, he didn’t have any news about my brother.

Half month after my father died, I had news from my brother. I hate him, why my father after looking for him for so long he did not appear, why did I get news just after he passed away, why he didn’t appear earlier. Afterwards, I knew my brother in order to find money he stole, and was sent to the police station. I did not hate him anymore.

Now I live at uncle’s home. He gives me 30 yuan every week for living expenses, I am already content: as long as I can go to school, I have nothing to complain about.


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