17021 Li XX, 9th Grade, Female

Translated by Sara Qiu

In 5th grade, when exams were about to start, dad was unfortunately buried by the sand when he was digging repairing the road. He died even before arriving to the hospital. That was the saddest, the most painful, and the most difficult year. Dad usually cared the most about me, I was his sweetheart, I cannot accept my father has already left the world, left me.

A bit after my father passed away, my mum realized she was already pregnant of more than 3 months. She became pregnant in October and gave birth to a little sister. Dad left but I had mum, I was still very happy. I have never thought, that one day mum would also leave my little sister and me.

In 6th grade, nanny told me that mum already remarried, and left with another man. If felt bad in my heart. Why God is so unfair to me, why the two persons that cared and loved me the most had to leave. I don’t know how many times I cried under the blanket.

After my mum left, my little sister and I went to live with my older brother. It was okay at first, but my sister-in-law’s attitude was getting worse. I made an effort to do everything well, but no matter how well I did, my sister-in-law wasn’t satisfied.

My heart hurt every time I heard the words “parents” mentioned. When the roommates in the dormitory talked about how good their parents were, I could only sneak into the bathroom and have a hard time. The thing that made me sadder was the fact that my mother left for so many years but didn’t come back to see me even once.

At home, there was only my older brother sustaining the whole family, he had to support six people. The living expenses he gave me each week were not enough, but I didn’t dare to ask one more penny. I knew it wasn’t easy for my brother to the only one to earn money. I really wanted to study in high school, at university, but I was afraid that even if I was admitted, nobody sustained me.

  Rain is what I dislike the most when I am at home. Every time it rained, there was a leakage everywhere in the house. If there was a heavy rain outside, there was a light rain inside home. If it rained all day all night, there was water under the bed in the next morning. I wish a lot that later I could have a warm and comfortable home after a rainy day.


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