171070 Xiao XX, 9th Grade, Male

Translated by Neil Sun

I used to have a warm and loving home.  But my father embarked on a road of no return when I was very young.  He had become a drug trafficker.  He was arrested and sentenced to ten years prison.

Since then, the whole family has changed.  Mother and grandparents quarreled all the time.  I think God is so unfair that other families are so happy while mine is in such inharmonious.

A family without a father is an incomplete family.  In a family, there should be a father, a mother, grandparents and children.  And they should not be separated.  It would have been the perfect and happiest home in the world.   If a complete home is not available, what is the use even if the family has money?   Money cannot buy a warm and happy family.

That damn drugs is the root cause that torn my family apart.   If there is no such thing as drugs in the world, my family would not have been like this, and my mother would not need to work day and night to support my brother and me.  She is a woman but she carries on as both a father and a mother to us.  She is the greatest mother in the world and she cannot be replaced in my heart.

I must study hard, I must pass the high school exam, and I want to build a brighter future to repay my mother.

I have an aspiration to serve as a police officer.  I would defend against drug traffickers and let children in the world to have happy and beautiful homes.


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