17165 Duan XX, Female, 8th Grade

Translated by George Wang

Ever since I was a child, I have lived in a world that was devoid of parental love.  This yearning for love has been overwhelming.  During rainy days, when other students ran to their umbrella-holding parents at the school gate, I could only watched with envy and self-pity.

Both of my biological parents are still alive.  They divorced when I was still a baby.  Afterwards, my father remarried and abandoned us.   When I was three years old, Mom had an accident while working out of town.  A man in our village took care of her and they married.  I was passed on to my grandparents.

My father has never paid a visit, provided support, or fulfilled any paternal responsibility to me.  Mom came to see me often, bring goods and helping out.  But she has a disappointing marriage herself.  With a frail body and her own children, she can do little for me.

Grandpa and Grandma have been taking care of me since I was three.  They take care of all our expenses.  As they are getting old, their income has dwindled.  Last semester, we had to borrow 500 yuan from a neighbor to pay for the school.  We repay the loan by selling our rice. 

As poor as we are, my grandparents are supportive of my education.  They want me to go to high school and college. I cannot afford to let them down.


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