17167 Chen XX, 8th Grade, Male

Translated by George Wang

I am thirteen years old and an eighth grader at Dayang middle school. I love reading.  I am a confident, outgoing boy with great curiosity toward the world.

People look down on us because we are poor.  Everyone else in the village owns a TV and we don’t.  They use electric stoves for cooking and we still rely on wood.  We live in a remote area; it is a long, arduous walk to reach school.

In 2014, Grandma was bitten by a dog.  With no medical treatment, the infection spread and required limb amputation.  We could not afford the operation and she eventually died.  My sister dropped out of high school because we had no money.  This year my brother is going to high school and the tuition is again an issue.  I am not sure he will ever be able to go to college.

My father has been absent from home for the last three years.  He probably has forgotten about us.  In the night, I am frequently awakened by nightmares. It was due to money that our parents deserted us.  In the school parent-teacher sessions, I stood alone at a corner, weeping.

The money issue has haunted me all my life.  With the support from Peach, I will not have to ever ponder about quitting school.


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