17199 Du XX, 9th Grade, Female

Translated by Sara Qiu

I was born in an impoverished family, but at least I was a healthy person, I didn’t have a congenital disorder.

A lot of people spurned the poor. The poor do not have culture; they do not have seen the world. Poorness will not be around us always, I want to make great efforts, giving my best, it will repay.

Growing up to maturity, the most difficult thing to forget is “begging” once. When I was 2 and my older brother 3, mum and dad had to go out to work in order to give medical treatment to my grandfather. One morning, my brother and I were hungry, we asked money to grandfather and he told us we have to save money and not spend it extravagantly. Feeling helpless, me and my brother went to the street and asked for a bun that we later shared. I truly experienced starving, it is really hard. It is very difficult if you have no money.

My math grades were very good when I was in 6th grade. I received a 100 mark once, I was very happy. When I returned home I let see the test paper to my parents, they were even happier than me. I found my own expertise “fast response, good memory”. Calculation is my favourite thing to do, it let me focus, let me be happy. My dream is to be an accountant, it will be a day I will fulfil it. I am short and thin, I am always ridiculed by others. I didn’t realize before, but they are not worth my care. “Do not do to others what you would not want done to you”. “Do not only, because it is a small bad thing that you do it; do not only because it is a small good thing that you don’t do it”.

My brother and I are both studying, this brings pressure to our family, specially my brother that is in high school, the school fee is higher. Moreover, my grandma is ill, we need lots of money to pay her treatment. According to my family, having no doubts is the thunderbolt of a sunny day, it pushes down on us and we become breathless.


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