17205 Yao XX, 9th Grade, Female

Translated by Sara Qiu

When I was little, I often didn’t understand why my mother abandoned me and left me alone and uncared. I gradually grew up and understood: dad is mentally retarded, disabled, so my mother chose to leave.

My dad is disabled, he cannot do anything. The family’s economic burden relied all in the old grandfather. When I was 7 months old, grandpa took me all the time, took care of me, as if he was both my dad and mum. Day by day, grandpa’s face started to be covered with wrinkles. I originally thought the days were going to pass calmly and peacefully, but unfortunately it arrived again.

I vaguely remember that horrible thing: I was about 10, one day playing at the campus playground, a classmate came to told me: “your father was hit by a motorcycle on the road”. My tears started to fall and I hurriedly run home from school. There was no one at home. I was crying and wiping my tears, my heart almost collapsed, but I always tried to comfort myself: “you are not allowed to cry, you can’t cry, you have to cheer up, dad must be okay, certainly it will not happen anything!

I sat blankly at the door, grandpa came back and told me: “Child, your dad is okay.” But I waited and waited and my grandpa didn’t come. I just fell asleep right after. When I woke up, he was already on my bed, my grandfather sitting on the bedside, at the moment he seemed 10 years older. I hurriedly grabbed his sleeves and asked: “and dad? How is he? How is he? ”I asked while crying. For fear my grandfather didn’t answer well. He felt sorry, hugged me and said:

 “it’s okay, it’s okay…” The heavy stone of my heart gradually fell off, my father is not concerned about life anymore. But what happens with medical expenses? Hospital must be very expensive, is it? I asked grandfather: “where do the medical expenses come from?” He sighted and said: “it’s your aunt that payed for us”. After my dad healed, I could see again his silly smile, hear his laughter. Although this might be nothing in other’s eyes, it is happiness to me.

  In 8th grade, I came home for holiday, helped grandpa to wash shoes and hanged them on the roof. The shoes quickly dried when the roof was sunny enough. After that, I went to my aunt house to work; I wanted to go back in the evening to pick up the shoes. But I didn’t think my father would pick up the shoes himself, he thought he could walk in both the ground floor and tiles; he stepped on with both feet. The tiles didn’t support my father’s weight because he is too heavy, and fell down from the roof. My aunt and I heard the scream of my grandfather, and hurriedly came back home. We run like crazy and crying loudly when we saw my motionless father lying on the floor. The adults carried my father to the hospital, and I looked with empty eyes the scattered shoes for a long time, a long time…


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