17422 Wang XX, 9th Grade, Female

Translated by Sara Qiu

I am an ordinary middle school student from the mountains. Before my entrance exam, although I did not score very poorly, I stayed for the sake of being able to take care of my younger brother. Because of family circumstances, I had to study hard. I had to study harder than everybody else, for this reason I obtained good scores.

I remember when I was in primary school, our teacher said that someone wanted to buy a learning device, and then asked us to buy it ourselves. At that time I really wanted my own learning device, but I also knew that the cost of the machine, 400RMB, was equal to 2 months expenses, therefore I had to forget this idea. On a Sunday, we went back to school, I realized there was 400 RMB on the floor. At that moment, I really wanted that money, if it was only mine! But I thought that student might be very nervous losing that money, moreover it is earned by other parents’ efforts, so I gave that money to the teacher. In the second day, someone receive the lost money. I was happy because she could buy the desired learning device. In order to praise me, my teacher and the principal bought me a small learning device of 199RMB. I was happy because I didn’t spend anything and received something I yearned for. When I came back home I told this to mum, she praised me, “people can be poor but one’s aspiration can’t be it, you have to study hard and in the future, repay the society”.

Before we were six members in the family, dad, mum, grandmother, my young brother and me. Even if life wasn’t prosperous, we were very happy. But happiness times are not for ever. On April this year, dad died of illness. For this reason, my grandmother had a strike and her deafness got more serious. The burden of life suddenly went all to my mum. Both my brother and I were studying. As far as we were concerned, school expenses were really high. At that moment I thought of quitting studying and go elsewhere to work and help mum. My brother’s marks were fine, and then I could study hard for my younger brother, then he could be at ease and not be distracted. I told my idea to mum and she said “as long as I live, I would give everything I have for you both to study”. So I decided to study hard and get out of the mountains.

My hometown is in a high and cold place, it is very beautiful there. At home there is a ramshackle house but it is liveable. I am thinking of study hard, when I grow up I want to build a nice house for my mother and grandmother. “The children of poor families manage the household soon”, therefore when my younger brother and me come back home, we always help mum do farm work, cut firewood and do housework. Then, my mum could have a better rest. One day, I was going to do farm work with my mother, she woke up at 5 am to do a lot of housework. She didn’t wake me up, she did all by herself. Mum really works hard, at this time she should be resting like other mums. On Mother’s day, mum was very happy, because I collected 2 RMB and bought her a necklace. Mum I love you, in order to have a better life in the future I will study hard.

I have a very big dream, that is, to become a police officer. I think the police officer job is the most sacred and respectable profession in the world. It not only serves the people, but also helps many criminals to get back to the right track. If this dream becomes true, first, I will repay those who have helped me; second, I want to repay the safeness of people’s social security, third I want to fund people with difficulties like myself.

This is my life, I must realize my dream.


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