17508 Xia XX, 10th Grade, Male

Translated by Sara Qiu

Difficulties in life come one after another.

In 2009, I lost my mother’s gentle and smooth love. Because she received stimulation that lead her to schizophrenia, on the early stage of the illness she always took my and my father’s clothes, as well as hers and go burn them. My father scrimped and saved money in order to treat the illness, spent all home’s saving and owed a lot of money, but she could not heal. My mother’s illness made her lose the ability to take care of herself, my father went out to do farm work, and all the housework fell into me.

When the third grade of primary school started, I ran back home every day after class to cook dinner for my father. One morning, in fifth grade, I woke up and my mother was missing. I looked for her everywhere, and when I found her, her clothes and trousers were all wet. I brought her home, and when I was about to help her change her clothes, she suddenly took the kitchen knife and faced me saying “little Yunlong, I’m going to kill you, you are a harm, you make me miserable…” I cried out frightened, not knowing what to do, but fortunately dad came and grabbed the kitchen knife from mother’s hand. It was not long before my father and I were relieved that my mother grabbed the knife again and cut two of her fingers. And again, we borrowed another sum of money to take her at the hospital for treatment.

Since my mother got ill, my father drank excessively every day. When he gets drunk he curses me, and every time at night when I studied by myself, I couldn’t get to eat any warm meal since my drunken dad kicked me out. I always thought, I already lost mum’s love, is it that my father does not want me either? One day studying at home at night, father again kicked me out from home. I attended the exam without sleeping well, and took the wrong exam paper. When it was time to give back the paper I just realized the exam paper and answer sheet wasn’t the same, I was impatient caught off-guard. Fortunately, it was a monthly test, if it was a midterm it would’ve been too terrible to think about.

Mother often got sick, in 2016 run away from home and so far, no news, I don’t know where she is and I worry about her every day. In any case, I will persevere in studying, and complete my dream of being a doctor.


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